Cuba - forbidden for half a century - but a welcoming destination for 25 University of Oregon students, faculty and staff in spring 2015, just as tensions eased between our two countries. We were acutely aware that we were among the last to experience Cuba’s arts, culture and people at a historic moment in time. These are six profiles of Cuba Creatives - people who embody the spirit of their country’s past and the possibility of its future.


















Andrew Spangler


















Andy Abeyta


















Dana Bredeweg


















David Baggs


















Ed Madison


















Fahmo Mohammed


















Garrett Guinn


















Jake Charlson


















Jordan Bentz


















Casey Minter


















Juwan Wedderburn


















Kevin Mataraci


















Kyle Hentschel


















Lisa Heyamoto


















Lorin Anderberg


















Melanie Burke


















Michael McGovern


















Pam Cressall


















Peter Laufer


















Reuben Unrau


















Sumi Kim


















Sutton Raphael


















Zach Blaine


















Eric Boggs


















Jose Contreras